The Society intents to act as an international forum of scientific discussion for all those interested in pertinent issues on sturgeons while at the same time seeking for opportunities for close cooperation at international level.


The membership of WSCS is global and includes private individuals as well as members from institutions and local/regional organization. Besides hundreds of scientists from various disciplines there are also many regulators, administrators, planners, practioners in fisheries and aquaculture as well as persons with a high interest in species protection.


Board of Directors (2019 - 2022):

P. Bronzi - President

J. Gessner - Vice President

T. Friedrich - Treasurer

M. Webb- Secretary General

M. Chebanov - Member at Large

L. Congiu - Member at Large

Q. Wei - Member at Large


H. Rosenthal - Honorary President


Foundation Committee:


Paolo Bronzi, Italy
Ron Bruch, USA
Jianbo Chang, China
Mikhail Chebanov, Russia
Sergej Doroshov, USA
Jörn Gessner, Germany
Frank Kirschbaum, Germany
Mohammad Pourkazemi, Iran
Harald Rosenthal, Germany
Georgii Ruban, Russia
Rajmund Trzebiatowski, Poland   
Patrick Williot, France

wscs foundation commitee