You can support our work by joining WSCS. Help us to protect sturgeons. Become a member today and join in to our work to improve sturgeon conservation. Members are eligible for exclusive services. For more details see “Services” at the home page.

  • When becoming a member the applicant agrees to accept and comply with the statutes of the Society, working towards its aims and objectives. 
  • The applicant also agrees with the ballot voting as outlined in the statutes.
  • Membership with WSCS is continuous. It remains legally valid until terminated by written cancellation which must be received at least 3 months before the end of the fiscal year.
  • This also means that members are expected to pay dues for any year that they have not cancelled membership in advance. Payment can be carried out annually or for several years in advance. The latter has to be clearly stated on the transfer receipt. 
  • For a variety of countries, the membership fees are collected by the regional representative to minimize costs for bank transfer. For verification, please contact your regional representative
  • Membership dues vary according to country category (Category A: All countries except those listed under Category B: all EU 28 countries plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea) and status of member (see the overview on the application form). They are due by 31 December of a given year while payment should preferably be received within the first 4 months of a year.
  • Dues that are not paid by April of the following year can lead to the withdrawal of membership. 


You can join WSCS in 2 easy steps

STEP ONE: Fill in the application form below; only the fields marked (*) are obligatory.

Please, write the COMPLETE address (City, street, postal code, etc.)


STEP TWO: Pay your registration fees (see the overview on the application form).  You can pay by credit card using PayPal or by check.  

If paying by PayPal, go to the payment area below, choose your membership type from the pop up list of your category of membership (Individual or Organization), and click the relative PayPal button "Buy Now".  

If paying by check, please make your check payable to WSCS and send your check to the Home Office address (Schifferstrasse, 48, 21629 Neu Wulmstorf, Germany).


The membership becomes valid when the membership fee are registered at the home office. At this stage, you will receive an e-mail with an ID and a temporary PW for entering in the membership area of the website. Please, change the temporary password with a personal one as soon as possible.

Entering your data in the membership database allows you to receive ID and PW for entering in the reserved area. You can choose to make your data available to all members by ticking the "Public profile" box. The information you make publicly available is intended to facilitate the exchange and stimulate collaboration among interested people. Thus, information who is working on what species, your competences and which research programs are carried out would be helpful.

To allow the data concerning your competences and the species you are working on to be searchable (Member area, Member profiles) please, copy and paste the appropriate terms from the “Competence list” and the “Species list” respectively. The list is to be comma-delimited. Please do not add words not enclosed in the list or common names.


WSCS does not take any liability for misuse that third parties could conduct with the data provided.


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